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Uni is taking my time.

I have been at Uni for two weeks now and so have missed two whole episodes of Vampire Diaries! I know I can't quire believe it either, I feel like I'm gettin with drawal symptoms.

However I will try to watch them as soon possible, in the hopes to eleviate the shakes that have apprently started now!! I am extremely excited but what I am very surprised about is that Vampire Diaries has already made the journey over the seas to England. It normally takes a good couple of months after the series has been released in the magical land of the hamburger and curly fries. Not complaining though as England need to ge their act together with this programme as it is truely epic and not enough people have seen it!

Right rant over but people keep posting please I need to know what others views on this are as I have not got enough people with a knowledge of the wonder of VD.

Series 2 episode 2 "Brave new world"

Well we saw more of uncle Mason, who by the way is YUMMY!! Can't wait to see how the Salvatores react when they find out the truth!

Apparently I was wrong about Caroline she may turn out to be a help to the "good" clan as Stefan has taken her on and her love for Matt I'm sure will help her through. I am really excited about her though, how she'll cope with her new life or death as I should say.

I couldn't believe Bonnies actions after discovering the new Caroline, poor Damon. I know he was a douche about the whole Jeremy thing but I still lvoe him. Also I think he will redeem himself as he seems to be getting on with Jeremy, hopefully there will be a new alliance on their horizons! Fingers crossed reckon that could turn out to be interestiong.

The main story was obviously Caroline and I was impressed by how well she seemed to take it. I think if I started burning in the sun and craving blood I'd freak out a bit more than she did! But I guess she rememebered Damon so knew about it all anyway, she'll be easier to manage if she's less lets say mental than vicky!!

I have missed Jenna and Alaric though I want them to come back and have some more storylines. They could make such a good couple and if she found out eventually about everything it would be a good twist!


Series 2 episode 1 - "the return"

WOW, I'v been waiting for this for an age and finally it's come! The second series has certainly gone off with a bang, already we've got new characters as in Tylers uncle Mason talking about "the Lockwood curse" which I think by now most of us have worked out to be similar to that of the curse of the werewolf?? However I'm thinking uncle may help Tyler along with the whole transformation thing but can not wait to see how and if they show Tyler actually becoming the werewolf.

The major twist obviously being katherines return, one ep and she's managed to royally screw over Damon! He now appears to have lost what humanity he's managed to find since meeting Elena. Trying to kill Jeremy, slight mistake I think if he's trying to get into Elenas good books! I have to admit to being some what disappointed that Jeremy didn't turn in to a vampire I was excited to see what would happen to him, if Stefan would take him under his wing.

But never fear there will be more new vampire depauchery with a possible change in Caroline!? That was one major mesage from katherine and I have a feeling it won't be a smooth transition for Caroline at all! I don't think other characters will realise for a while, although I like Matt and he doesn't deserve it maybe she gets in with katherine, make a deathly duo?

I can't help but also think that it won't be the last we see of Uncle John, even though evidently there is a new "baddy" in town in the form of katherine but maybe he will still have something to say later on?

I am also enjoying the prrospect of Bonnies reaction to katherine and how this will change the dynanmic between her Elena and Stefan, definitely one to watch!

If anyone else has views on this latest ep or anything to add please post it would bew interesting to hear others views.

"Isobel" and "Founders day"

Been a very long time since I posted but I have only just had time to watch the last two episodes of vampire diaries tbh I think I secretly didn't want it to end! The entire series had been amazing and I can't wait for the next one!!

Firstly I love the idea of Taylor being a werewolf and the whole device thing was so exciting, must admit I was rather scared when Damon was taken into the building with the other vampires. I was also so upset that Anna died, Jeremy has had enough loss and crap in his life and I really loved Jeranna!! :( Here's hoping for new romances in series 2.

I can't believe it took them this long to realise that Uncle John was Elenas dad! It was kind of obvious although a great twist I have to say.
I got so excited when Damon and Elena kissed and couldn't believe it when it turned out to be Katherine, was a little dissapointed really, but can't wait to see the shenanagens she brings with her and how Damon will explain the kiss to Stefan as he still believes it to be Elena!

I just can not wait until the next series even though it will be an age before it's release here in England but it will still be muchos thrilling!

"Blood Brothers"

Stefan was so cute! =P Couldn't believe the new discovery that Stefan made Damon turn!! Makes sense now the way he acts the way he does around him.
Also felt sorry for Damon when he explained to Stefan about hating him because Katherine changed Stefan as well as him!!
Although Damon needs to understand that she doesn't care about him as he thinks she does. She left the tomb and didn't tell him and then changes his brother as well.

Also that Stefan killed his father and drank from him and also that his dad killed him and Damon!

The ending was brilliant when Stefan decides to stay and fight even if it was obvious as the second series is confirmed haha! His face was gorgeous when he finally decided to go to Elena.
Good bit too was when Elena went in to get Stefan to drink blood and he was upset and pushed her but she wasn't scared! She manned up then haha.

Also Isobel is back! Something tells me she isn't going to sit back quietly in Mystic Falls. Not going to lie rather excited about seeing what she's going to get up to!

My favourite bit had to be JERANNA woowoowoo so glad they are together now but got upset when she was going to leave and thought it would have been so harsh on Jeremy as he's been through enough and she didn't even say goodbye properly!
But then again felt sorry for Anna when she found her mum, hoping it means she'll stay though.

Dislike John even more now that he killed Pearl and also Harper ( who was so sweet!) he needs to get some comupance, although like I said last time good that they have a character like him though as he makes good story lines :P

Can't wait for the next one.


"Miss Mystic Falls"

Sorry this post is so late I have been super busy with exam stuff but here goes,

I thought this ep was one of the most exciting so far I was squealing the whole way through!! When Stefan had that girl in the parking lot was crazy times I couldn't believe he bit her I thought he wasn't going to but it was amazing that he did.
How pretty did Elena look in her dress?? I loved it but was actually glad that Caroline won, even though Elena is awesome.

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If there are people in this comm from America, you'll have to let us know what it's like as you'll see it first, not giving away too many spoilers mind you!


Random icons...

I couldn't decide which pic I liked best so did all of them :P...    

Pictures; enjoy

These are pics from "Let the right one in" and "under control" and some randoms!

             True story   

Just a Few Pretty Things

Just a few icons I did when I was playing about with screencaps. Enjoy!

[05] Various characters from 1x15 'A Few Good Men'



"Under control"

Who is uncle John!!!??? and most importantly how does he know everything?

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If you're watching in England as well I hope you are all just as outraged as me at not having a VD episode next Tuesday! Dissapointed!
Never mind can't wait for the week after.

"let the right one in"

Wow this is late!

I can't wait to see what happens with Stefan and his new addiction to blood I couldn't believe it at the end when he's just sat there all bloodied!! Lets hope it doesn't last too long hey or Elena may be in trouble, kind of hope Damon helps him to get over it and that may mean him and Elena getting closer maybe??

Also I thought it was so cute (sorry the word it annoys be but it's the best one to describe it.) when Damon got all protective over Stefan and Elena too, although once again may be my love for him biasing my views :P.

Alaric was hilarity at the end of the episode poor Damon getting punched in the face although go Alaric he totally deserves it!

But the biggest and best twist in my opinion is Caroline finding Vickys body. I couldn't believe it I felt sorry for Caroline here because I know that Matt wanted a hug from his friend and everything but when he was all like "I need to be alone now" to her and then cuddles up to Elena.... slightly harsh.

Another person who I felt sorry fot was Anna (never thought I'd say that 4 episodes ago!!) but the revelation that Jeremy only wanted to be turned to be with Vicky. I thought he'd gotten over her and really liked Anna. I was disapointed as I was really looking forward to Jeranna!! I really hope they get together later, well now vickys out the picture .........

p.s sorry for the damon obsession to follow!


"There goes the neighbourhood"

First I'd just like to comment on my favourite part, Damon and Kelly!! Hahahaha, how akward could it get really!!?? Loved it. The fact that Matt walks in on his mum with his ex's new boyfriends brother, who looks (but we all know isn't) half her age, comic genious!

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Anyone have any views please do post :).

            I know it's not from this ep couldn't find one of them from it :P

"A few good men"

Another hugley exciting episode I believe!!
Let's go from the start, Read more...Collapse )

Anyone elses views on VD would be much appreciated!



"fool me once"

WOW, is pretty much the best word to describe it lets be honest!

I thought the twist of Katherine not being in the tomb was brilliance and really unexpected, and although I am rather bias about Damon I thought he was amazing as always and was so cute when he found out that Katherine had known where he was all along and didn't care.

Something tells me I wouldn't be the only one willing to offer him a substitute!!!

Also the shock twist of Grams dying at the end was great, very unexpected as well, and left us wondering now how will Bonnie learn to improve on her powers?

Lastly we saw a new Vampire escaping from the tomb and left querying who he is and what trouble he may bring with him, also the new possible threat of Anna and her newly restored Mother Pearl??

Can't wait to witness the goings on of next weeks episode =).

Keep watching all.


Fanfiction: Together - Stefan and Elena

Then as swiftly as we'd got into the situation it was over, he almost seemed to fly out of the bed. Leaving me there on my own, not sure what had happened to change this oh so perfect moment. He turned away from me, like he was ashamed, like he couldn't stand to have me look at him. I was confused, I had no idea why he was acting this way, I knew everything about him, what could he now have to hide. Now I knew this, could he really have anything more he felt he couldn't tell me. That made me think, was it me?, was it something I'd done, or maybe hadn't done, that was probably more likely. I moved closer to him, reached out, but before I could touch him he moved, he moved like lightening and in a split second he was a foot away from me. I couldn't help but gasp, I guess I still wasn't used to what he was capable of. He spun round to face me, the look on his face like he'd been stabbed, the pain in his eyes like he wanted to scream.


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